ThetaHealing® with animals

Beliefsystems control our lives without us being aware of them. Over the course of our lives, but also our animals, we subconsciously acquire them through learning, imitating or by adopting them.

Many beliefs are helpful, but they are not all for our highest and best good or that of our animals.

The impact can show up not only on the mental level, but also in the state of health, the state of mind, the energy balance of us or our animals.

By working with ThetaHealing, self-limiting beliefs can be uncovered, changed, and healing processes as well as development can be stimulated and supported.

Animals often adopt life issues from their owners, reflect them or develop diseases that they take over for their owners. With ThetaHealing, animals can return these issues.

In most cases it makes sense to also work with the owner and to resolve / change the issues with him too.

How to work with animals:

I don't need to be on site to do a ThetaHealing session with your animal.

You make an appointment with me on the phone. Call me at the agreed time, describe your topic and give me your contact details.

We'll make a new phone appointment. I'll let you know by then the progress of the session I've had with your pet in the meantime.

The costs for the ThetaHealing session result from the length of all discussions with you, any email / message processing and work with your animal.

Costs: chf 135, - / hour, payable within 10 days by wire transfer.